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What is

The Plan?

Angela has been helping people for many years getting their health back on track.
At Innovative Health Solutions we believe that it's important to put your health first and our goal is to help you get your life back. 

To get started an initial consultation with Angela will help her understand exactly what has happened in your life. From there she will run pain free, non invasive tests with instant results and get to the core of what has been causing issues with your body. Non Invasive tests are conducted that determine how best to return your health.


Step 1: Contact us for a test

Step 2: Find out what is causing your health issues

Step 3: Devise and Implement an Action Plan


We have years of experience and many happy clients who all have a story and have had their health renewed. So if you're wanting to go through this journey, back to being well again, contact Angela Albert today to get started.





And start living healthy TODAY

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