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Dr ReinHardt Voll


In the 1950’s a German physician, Dr. Reinhardt Voll designed a device that could measure subtle energy disturbances at any of the thousands of acupuncture points on the body. Since then this form of testing has been refined, expanded and computerized and provides a highly accurate way for evaluating the level and nature of energy disturbances in the body affecting the acupuncture meridians.


Since every organ system, tissue, and substance vibrates at its own unique frequency or “vibrational” level, it is now possible through high tech, computerized bioenergetic devices to do rapid, cost effective, highly accurate data collection to assist in discovering those treatment options that are most likely to have a healing impact. The extensive software programs within these computers hold in their memory the frequencies or electromagnetic signatures for various harmful agents such as chemicals, pesticides, radiation, bacteria, viruses, moulds and fungi as well as beneficial substances like hormones, minerals, enzymes or vitamins. Even drugs can be evaluated for their potential beneficial or harmful effects.


These devices monitor the body’s energetic response to various substances and tests through a process called biofeedback. This allows the technician to not only evaluate for improper energy flow but also detect poisons and deficiencies. Such data supports putting together a custom regimen of natural substances to re- establish energy balance, neutralise any poisons or restore a deficiency, taking a lot of the guess work out of the equation.


The regimen may consist of any combination of homeopathic remedies, herbs and/or nutritional supplementation. Another advantage of bioenergetic testing is that it is able to pick up imbalances in the system long before potentially serious diseases manifest clinically. The early phases of disease states are often discernible energetically long before clinical symptoms or tissue pathology appears. It is therefore potentially a very helpful tool in high level preventive medicine.


Dr. Reinhardt Voll .      

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