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The Plan - Testing


Step 1: Contact Us   -  Step 2: Consultation  -  Step 3: Discover Root Cause  -  Step 4: Create Treatment Plan


At Innovative Health Solutions we are looking for the cause of your health issues and not a ' Bandage Solution', using the latest advanced Computerized medical testing equipment, which is used world wide in leading Healthcare Professionals.


We will be able to provide an instant report and information to send you on a path of better health.



























Safe, Pain free, Non-invasive and suitable for all age                                                                                                                                                                         

Do you suffer from:

Chemical Sensitivity, Digestive issue, Mood Swings, Skin Disorders,

ADD / ADHD, Asperger's, Sleep Disorders, Tiredness, Intolerances,


Or could you suffer from Candida, Giardia, E-Coli, Mercury or Nickel?



Below is a list of the categories which we will test you for.


Grains, Cereals, (Gluten, Wheat)

Dairy (lactose & casein) 





Sugars  (Natural & synthetic)

Beverages ( tea, coffee, caffeine & soft drinks)

Alcohol ( beer, wines & spirits)


Soaps/Detergents/Cleaning agents

Chemicals, Plastics, Perfumes

Food colouring

Cats & Dogs

Heavy Metals

Environmental pollutants 




( 170 Item Test for Adults)

(   70 Item Test for Children)


We can help to find out and work out a Solution. 


Contact us for a Booking and a Clinique near you,  Angela 043 195 3752

Or e-mail us :


Like us on Facebook for weekly Health Notes and safe Recipes. 


Additionally we are also working together with Personal Trainers and Gym's by assessing their clients diets to ensure that any foods that they consume are working for them and not against them to achieve a fast and satisfying result. 


So if you have been to many different places and still not being helped, Let us assess you, all it takes is one hour of your time and the willingness to make changes.


We have been able to help many Adults and Children and changed lives. We are fully Qualified Sensitivity and Intolerance trained Technicians and consult with Naturopaths, Nutritionists, and associated Medical personnel. Invest in your health with a visit to our clinic.  


Take The Road to Freedom and be able to manage your Intolerances. Call us today: 0431 953 752 


And start living healthy TODAY

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